Acts 2:38, Beloved

I John 4:7 and All Things



OK, can space warping be that big of a deal to you nuclear physicists? Go figure. Despite all the bickering and arguing about what really happened in Roswell or anywhere else, the first appearance of flying saucers happened when? Was it not almost immediately after we started setting off nuclear weapons on this planet? duh, I mean DUH!!!! There is obviously something released in the explosion of a nuclear device that can move, whether through space warp, wormhole, or some other gravity anomoly, many, maybe thousands, maybe millions of lightyears almost instantaneously, in order for someone that far away to detect the explosion and send something or someone to go find out what is going on almost immediately afterward. Now, if these creatures have found out what moves in the nuke at such a fantastic leaps in distance and have harnessed and used this to traverse the stars, would they not be smart enough (or wise enough) to make sure whatever means they used to go explore would not be traced or stumbled upon by someone just now learning how to send radio waves and explode nukes? Now maybe, you nuclear scientists and radio scientist will find a combination from mixing nukes with radio or light waves that actually creates this faster than light (or so it seems with the warping of space) speed.
Gravity Rubber Band Theory
If Gravity is needed to produce Warp Drive, then consider this: The gravitational attraction between any 2 objects is determined by the mass of the objects and the distance between them, right? Now for the Rubber Band part. If one half of the equation is suddenly obliterated by the mass turning into energy (yall, you all, all of you, whatever, still remember Einstein?), what happens to the gravitational force pulling on the pulverized item? If 2 people are pulling on a rubber band and one lets go, what happens to all the force being used to to stretch the rubber band? All you SETI folks should figure out what star system(s) were just opposite (and/or just above)the first nuclear blasts (draw an imaginary line from a blast, through the center of the earth a few multitudes of light years in both direction) on this planet, and figure there just might be some intellgent life there after all. Of Course, until we learn how to detect and utilize whatever it really was that folded the fabric of space for that instant, we will still be groveling in the dark.


Could faster than light travel via wormhole traversal or space warping have been discovered by the people living before the flood of Noah? Living hundreds of years, people must have spent a lot, A WHOLE LOT, of time thinking, calculating, experimenting, planning, and building.